Temporary Placement

Will I have to pay a fee to McDonald Green ?

No. McDonald Green is paid by the employer to locate a candidate.

What is the policy for working overtime?

McDonald-Green adheres to and complies with all Employment Standards regulations. As temporary employees working on assignment for McDonald-Green you will be required to obtain written authorization from McDonald-Green prior to working over 48 hours in a one week time frame. Should you require further Information on this matter, please do not hesitate to visit the website Ministry of Labour website.

How do Timesheets work?

Timesheets are due by noon MONDAY of the week following to our accounting department.

  • Fill out your time sheet
  • Have it signed by an approving manager
  1. Scan and email to belle@mcdonaldgreen.com
  2. Drop off at 215 Holiday Inn Dr. Cambridge
  3. Fax to 519-654-9362


**any delays will result in being paid in the next pay period

When is Payday?

  • Paycheques are available for pick up starting at noon on Thursdays
  • Cheques can be picked up or mailed out (at your request)
  • Photo ID required to pick up your paycheque

Office hours: 8:00am-5:00pm and Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm.
** If you request to have it mailed, allow 2 weeks for arrival (although it usually takes about 2-3 business days).

I lost my pay cheque, what do I do?

If you have misplaced or lost your pay cheque, you can pay to have a stop payment on that cheque and we can reissue another one. If your cheque was mailed and you have not received it after 2 weeks, a new cheque will be issued at no cost to you.

Can somebody else pick up my pay cheque?

Yes! Please contact us and advise us as to who will be picking up your pay cheque, photo ID required. They must know your address and sign for it.

How do I get my vacation pay?

Vacation pay is released on every pay cheque.

Do I get paid for Statutory Holidays?

As a temporary help agency assignment employee, you have the same rights to public holidays as other employees in Ontario.

Ontario has nine public holidays. Generally, if you are on an assignment and the public holiday falls on a day when you would ordinarily be working, you have the right to take the public holiday off work and to be paid public holiday pay for that day. For more information please visit: Ministry of Labour – FAQ

How often should I call in for work?

Once a week – for temporary and contract type work.

I am not able to accept an assignment, will I be called again?

Absolutely! We understand that schedules do not always coincide with assignments. Just let us know if your schedule changes, or if you become unavailable.

I have learned new skills or have an updated resume, what do I do?

Email your updated resume to general@mcdonaldgreen.com,
subject: updated resume

I am sick or had a workplace accident. What do I do?

Please contact one of our recruiters at 519-654-9388 and let them know right away.

Permanent Placement

Will I have to pay a fee to McDonald Green ?

No. McDonald Green is paid by the employer to locate a candidate.

How can I apply with McDonald Green?

You can email a resume to general@mcdonaldgreen.com or call to book an interview to complete the process.

Will my resume be kept confidential by McDonald Green?

Yes. McDonald Green knows that it is imperative to maintain confidentiality so that we can establish meaningful long-term relationship with our candidates.

What type of positions can I expect to hear about form McDonald Green?

McDonald Green is a full service, comprehensive HR consulting firm and as such services a wide variety of industries and recruits for a wide array of positions both on a permanent basis as well as temporary and contract placements. Check out our Job Postings.

Why is it important to choose a search firm such as McDonald Green?

The Recruiters at McDonald Green are HR professionals as such they have a broad scope and understanding of various fields of expertise. We have in-depth knowledge of our region and existing contacts with leading companies.

Should I email my resume if I have already applied on-line with McDonald Green?

Yes. We encourage you to continuously update your resume and career qualifications with us so that we are kept abreast of your progression and current search criteria.

After I apply online, should I follow up with McDonald Green via telephone?

Yes, we have a number of candidates in our database, calling helps you stay top of mind.

Will McDonald Green contact me before submitting my resume to a company?

Yes, we contact you to receive permission to present you to an employer for a specific position.

Is interviewing with McDonald Green different from interviewing with an employer?

McDonald Green represents the employer so you should present yourself as if you were dealing directly with the employer. It is very important to be open with us because the more we know about you the better we can place you in the right career. Establishing a good working relationship from the start leads to a positive long-term relationship that may impact your future career goals.

Once I have established a relationship with McDonald Green, should I notify you if I change jobs or relocate?


If McDonald Green calls me when I am not currently looking for a job why should I call back?

Returning our calls and referring others makes for a good relationship and excellent networking. Even if you are not interested in finding a new job, you have an opportunity to assist someone else, this is a positive step towards developing you own professional networks.

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