Influencing Employees

January 1, 2020 - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Improve the engagement factor of your employees. Giving doesn’t mean giving in.

Workshop Content:

  • Examining your leadership behaviour
  • Developing honest, caring relationships with employees
  • Providing the whole picture to create entrepreneurship within the organization
  • Expressing gratitude to encourage the new relational workflow
  • Encouraging self-responsibility and accountability to increase engagement
  • Reframe negative situations by looking at the positive nuances
  • Learning that what others value is the key
  • Getting help and assistance from the reluctant team member

Learn To:

  • Provide employees with vital tools to get the job done through collaboration
  • Engage employees in problem solving
  • Determine the influencers in other people’s worlds
  • Reduce barriers that stifle employee initiative
  • Support team members in their decision making
  • Channel energies into forward momentum
  • Inspire confidence to leverage skills and knowledge
  • Advocate one to one

Courses and workshops are held at McDonald Green, 215 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge
For more information email or call Toni at 519-654-9388

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