Customer Service Excellence

March 8, 2018 - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn to view situations from customers’ perspectives and get valuable tools  to meet organizational quality and sales goals.

Workshop Content:

  • Understanding why 68 % of customers leave their suppliers and how to reverse the trend
  • The secrets to listening well
  • Focus on value to ensure procedure is followed
  • 8 key factors to remember when dealing with upset customers
  • The 4 step approach for dealing with customer complaints
  • Role-play exercises for rectifying customer disagreements

Learn To:

  • Live in the customer’s shoes
  • Use affirmative language for positive messages
  • Ask critical questions to uncover the full story
  • Acknowledge and empathize with compassion
  • Assess the situation by asking intelligent questions
  • Confirm your understanding of the customer complaint
  • Reach a satisfactory agreement

Courses and workshops are held at McDonald Green, 215 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge
For more information email or call Toni at 519-654-9388

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