Prevue Assessment is an assessment tool that provides critical data about people and their jobs, effectively predicting performance and productivity outcomes. It is an internationally validated assessment tool that will enhance human resources capacity in the areas of:

  • hiring new employees
  • selecting employees for promotion
  • developing and coaching current employees towards improved performance
  • succession planning

The lead psychologist for Prevue Assessment is Dr. David Bartram, a world-renowned assessment expert, an elected director of the International Test Commission, and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), responsible for certifying assessments for use in Great Britain. Dr. Bartram is involved in the ongoing research and development associated with Prevue.


The benefits of the Prevue Assessment are to ensure that organizations get the right people in the right job fit the first time and objectively focus on key development needs to enhance your employee’s ongoing development.
Prevue Assessment is ‘3 versions in 1 assessment’ including:

  • Full — measures abilities, interests/motivation and personality traits
  • Numerical Reasoning — measures working with numbers, interests/motivation and personality traits
  • Personality Only — measures only personality traits.

Custom Benchmarks are powerful representations of the position requirements and complement other processes such as competencies and job outlines. Benchmarks should be reviewed and refined every 15 months to reflect changing strategies and performance of people in the position.

Prevue Reports

There are five different Prevue reports that can be generated to enhance selection decisions, coaching and development planning and succession planning. These include:

  1. Selection Report
  2. Working Characteristics Report
  3. Coaching Report
  4. Individual Report
  5. Succession Planning Report

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