For some clients, we ARE their HR department, for others we are valued support to their full time HR team by providing arms length objectivity. We perform a wide array of services, including employee recruiting, performance management systems, employee surveys, HR planning, training and more!


Sourcing, selecting and recruiting outstanding employees is a discipline. We can use personality profiling, soft skills and technical assessments, and leadership audits to ensure that the recruiting process fulfills the requirements your organization. We recruit from a variety of positions, including Executive, Managerial, Engineering, Information Technology, Administrative, Accounting, Skilled labour and Industrial, General Labourer, Customer Service, and Sales and B2B.


Assessing and profiling employees can identify training opportunities for soft skills and technical abilities. It can help identify employees emotional intelligence and how an employee will adapt to change, communicate and relate to various types of individuals. Our assessments include: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Quotient Inventory, Prevue, Leadership Practices Inventory, and Technical Assessment.


MG offers a wide variety of soft skills training that helps organizations to develop their employees into positive contributors to profitability. Self discovery is encouraged in a non-intimidating atmosphere which fosters introspective reflection and an overall holistic approach to the development process.

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